Texting: The Good and the Bad

A certain physiological ailment – which is fast becoming a pandemic in modern society – invades my body whenever I make a phone call. Sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach, a suddenly scratchy voice and the inability to remember my name are the distinguishing symptoms of this malady.


And no, this is doesn’t occur just when I return that cute boy’s call. It strikes even when I phone in to pay a bill. Yes, I am pathetic enough to get nervous when asking people to take my money. What if my money isn’t good enough for them??! What if I stutter?!! I couldn’t bear it if a complete stranger knew what a loser I am!

As such, it is my staunch belief that phone calls should only be used in the most dire situations, such as calling 911 to test if your phone works or getting the number for the police department. Aside from that, texting suffices for all communication needs.


However, as with all blessings, there are downsides to texting. For your perusal, the pros and cons of electronic messaging:










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    1. heidiheidi Post author

      Unfortunately, the only date I have ever procured with any man in a uniform were several court dates for speeding tickets. :)


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